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Constitutional Framework
  1. Regulating Act 1773
    • beginning of British parliamentary control over the East India Company
    • subo More..

Indian Economy (UPSC Prelims Special)- Schemes / Government Initiatives
1. Tejaswini Project 
  • “Tejaswini” - Socio-Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women Project”.
  • Market-driven s More..

Indian Economy (UPSC 2017 Prelims Special)- Monetary and Fiscal Policy
1. Google tax / Equalisation Levy
  • It will apply to payments for online advertisements made by Indian business entities to non-residents (such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook More..

Prelims 2017 Current Affairs- Geographical News

1. Majuli Island
Geographical Location :The Majuli Island is formed by the Brahmaputra river system. It is the wor More..

History : Practice Quiz 1 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: Prehistory

The main Characteristic of the Indus Valley Civilization was
(a) Pucca houses
(b) Drainage system
(c) Town Planning
(d) Well laid out roads

History : Practice Quiz 2 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: Religion and Philosophy

The first dicourcse of Buddha at Deer Park in Sarnath is called

(a) Mahabhiniskraman
(b) Mahamastabhisheka
(c) Mahaparinirvana
(d) Dha More..

History : Practice Quiz 3 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: Religious Movement

History : Practice Quiz 10 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 9

Mahatma Gandhi gave the call to reject foreign goods during the
(a) Civil Disobedience Movement
(b) Non Cooperation Movement
(c) Khilafat Movement
(d) Swadeshi Moveme More..

Indian Art & Culture - Tribes

  • They are the most populous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh numbe More..

The Great Indian History Chronology: Journey from Ancient India to Modern India
The Great Indian History Chronology:
Indian History is a topic of interest to many including foreigners because of the cultures and civilizations existed in this sub-con More..

History : Practice Quiz 5 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: Vedic Age

The institution of Varna appeared in the
(a) Later Vedic period
(b) Period of the consolidation of the text of the Mahabharat.
(c) Period of the Manava More..

History : Practice Quiz 6 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: World History

Renaissance started first in
(a) Russia
(b) England
(c) France
(d) Italy
Answer: Italy

History : Practice Quiz 9 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: Political History- Ancient Period

What was the rate of land revenue as given in the dharma shastras?

(a) 4-Jan
(b) 8-Jan
(c) 6-Jan
(d) 3-Jan

Geography - Geomorphology - Earth Movements – Endogenetic Movements
Earth Movements

Our earth is undergoing deformations imperceptibly [so slight, gradual, or subtle as not to be perceived] but continuously.

These deformations are c More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Continental Drift Theory – Tectonics
Continental Drift Theory – Tectonics

Tectonics == Large scale movement of lithospheric plates.

During WW More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Continent – Ocean Convergence
In this post we will study about Continent – Ocean Convergence. Understanding Continent – Ocean Convergence is important to understand the Formation of The Rockies, the Formation of the Andes and other similar fold mountain systems.

We More..

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization was the first major civilization in south Asia,  which spread across a vast area of land in present day India and Pakistan (around 12 lakh The time period of mature Indus Valley Civilization is estimated More..

Ancient India - Important Indus Valley Sites and Archaeological Discoveries

The Indus Valley Civilization covered parts of Sind, Baluchistan, Afganistan, West Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Maharashtra. Over 1000 Indus Valley Civilization sites have been discove More..

History : Practice Quiz 11 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 8

The post and telegraph system in India was introduced during the time of
(a) Lord Cornwallis
(b) Lord Canning
(c) Lord Hardinage

Indian Economy - Important Schemes, Programs & Organisations - Finance Sector
Finance Sector

BHIM Aadhaar – Aadhar Payment App for Merchants

In a bid to promote Aadhaar-based payment system, Modi government has launched a new Android app for More..



Why in News?

INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Earth’s Interior – Earthquake Waves – Shadow Zone

The configuration of the surface of the earth is largely a product of the processes operating in the interior of the earth.

Exogenic as well as endogenic proc More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Weathering – Exogenetic Earth Movements
Exogenetic Movements

Exogenic (Exogenetic) processes are a direct result of stress induced in earth materials due to various forces that come into existence due to sun’s heat.

Geography - Geomorphology - Plate Tectonics – Indian Plate Movement
Plate Tectonics

n 1967, McKenzie and Parker suggested the theory of plate tectonics. The theory was later outlined by Morgan in 1968.

By then, the ‘continental drif More..

Indian Polity - Introduction
Indian Polity - Introduction
  • The constitution of a country is a document that comprises a set of written rules accepted by everyone living together in that country.
  • More..

History : Practice Quiz 7 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: Cultural History- Art, Architecture and Music

Who built the stupa at Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh ?
(a) Kanishka
(b) Chandragupta
(c) Ashoka
(d) Harsha

Indian Polity - Constitution Formation

 Indian Polity - Constitution Formation

Historical Background

  • In 1928, Motilal Nehru and eight oth More..

Geography India - National Forest


  • According to the India State of Forest Report 2011, the actual forest cover in India is 21.05%, of which, 12.29% are dense forests and 8.75% are open forests.
  • More..

Indian Polity - Constitutional Features

Indian Polity - Constitutional Features

Key Features of Indian Constitution

  • Following are the important feat More..

History : Practice Quiz 12 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 7

Who among the following, analysed the cause of uprising of 1857 advocating a reconcilation between the British and the Muslims ?
(a) Syed Ahmed Khan

Indian Art & Culture - Dances- Classical Dances


Indian classical dance, or Shastriya Nritya, is an umbrella term for various performance arts rooted in religious Hindu musical thea More..

Indian Art & Culture - Dances- Folk and Tribal Dances

  • Gotipua, a traditional dance form of Odissi folk in praise of Lord Jaga More..

Modern History: The government of India Act 1919

The government of India Act 1919

Secretary of state, Edwin S.Montagu and the viceroy of India More..

Ancient History : The Buddhist Councils
First Buddhist Council


The First Council, as it is known to Buddhist history, took place at Rajgir, the capital of the Magadha kingdom. The Buddha's most important disciples were as More..

Basic Quiz (Indian Freedom Struggle)
1. Indian National Congress formed in 1885 during the Governor –General ship of?
Lord Dufferin

2. First Woman president of Indian National Congress?
Annie Besant (1917)

3. Wh More..

Geography - Geomorphology - See Floor Spreading – Paleomagnetism
Convectional Current Theory – Tectonics

Arthur Holmes in 1930s discussed the possibility of convection currents in the mantle.

 These currents are generated du More..

Geography India - Natural Vegetation
Natural vegetation refers to a plant community that has been left undisturbed over a long period of time.

Classification of Vegetation

Based on climatic conditions, forests are div More..

Geography India - Wildlife

India is one of the 12th mega bio-diversity countries of the world.

With approximately 47,000 plant species, India ranks 4th in Asia and 10th in the world (in terms of More..

Geography India - Soil

Soil is very important and a valuable resource for every human being.

Soil is the mixture of rock debris and organic materials, which develop on the earth’s surface. More..

Indian Art & Culture - Paintings

  1. The thangka is a traditional Tibetan form of religious art originating in India whose subj More..

Geography India - Introduction
Geography India - Introduction

India - Location

India is located entirely in the northern hemisphere; specifically in the south-central part of the continent of Asia.


Geography India - Physical Aspect
Geography India - Physical Aspect

India - Evolution

As per the estimation, the earth is approximately 460 million years old.

The endogenic and exogenic forces played a significant role in giving shape to v More..

Geography India - Drainage System
Geography India - Drainage System


The flow of water through well-defined channels is known as drainage and the network of such channels is known as drainage system.

The drainage pattern of an More..

History : Practice Quiz 13 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 6

Be proud that you are an Indian, proudly claim I am an Indian, every Indian is my brother? who had said these words ?
(a) Vivekananda
(b) Maha More..

History : Practice Quiz 14 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)
History: National Movement 5

The Muslim League demanded a separate nation for the Muslim in India from the year
(a) 1920
(b) 1940
(c) 1945
(d) 1930

History : Practice Quiz 15 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 4

Which of the following was an empire Communist journal of M.N. Roy ?
(a) Kishan Sabha
(b) The Worker
(c) Vanguard
(d) Anushila More..

History : Practice Quiz 16 For Civil Service Examinations 2018 (UPSC Prelims 2018)

History: National Movement 3

The British Governor General, who formulated the policy of Subsidiary Alliance with regard to Indian powers was
(a) Lord Wellesley
(b) Lord Wi More..

Indian Art & Culture - Sculpture and Architecture

  • Australia returned three ancient sculptures t More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Earth’s Layers – Earth’s Composition
Earth’s Layers

Earth’s layers are identified by studying various direct and indirect sources [we studied this in previous post: Earth’s Interior – Earthquake Waves – Shadow Zone]. More..

Geography - Geomorphology - Ocean – Ocean Convergence
In this post we will study about Ocean – Ocean Convergence. Understanding Ocean – Ocean Convergence helps us in understanding the formation of Japanese Island Arc, formation of Indonesian Archipelago, formation of Philippine Island Arc and formation More..

Indian Art & Culture - Music

  • Panchavadyam literally meaning an orchestra of five instruments, is a temple art form that has evo More..