The President of India in the Indian Constitution

(1)Article 52 – There shall be a President of India
(2)Article 53 – Exe..

Directive Principles of the State Policy

1. They have been mentioned in Part-4 and cover articles from 36-51 of the Constitution..

Fundamental Rights under Indian Constitution

These rights are fundamental in the sense that any law passed by the legislature in..


The term ‘preamble’ refers to the introduction or preface to the Constitution. It’s a kind of summary or essence of..

Making of Constituion

As a part of Indian Po..

Convention on Biological Diversity
Also known as Biodiversity Convention

Brundtland Report
Formally called:  Our Common Future: Report of the World Commiss..

Agenda 21
1. Non-binding
2. Voluntary

  • It is an action plan of United Nations

Treaties and Agreements

1971: Convention on Wetlands of International Importance ("Ramsar Convention")

1972: Stockholm Declaration

1973: Conve..

1. With reference to Modern History of India, consider the following statements regarding the Viceroy Lord Ripon:
1. During his tenure the first Factory Act was passed.
2. He enacted th..