Storm Surge | Naming of Cyclones | Cyclones in Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal

What is a Storm Surge?


Tropical Cyclones: Favorable Conditions for Formation, Stages of Formation & Structure

Tropical Cyclones

Thunderstorm | Thunder & Lightning | Tornado


  • Thunderstorms and tornadoes are se..

Precipitation: Types of Precipitation | Types of Rainfall


  • The process of continuous cond..

Smog: Photochemical smog & Sulfurous smog


  • Smog = smoke + fog (smoky fog) caused by th..

Condensation | Forms of Condensation: Dew, Fog, Frost, Mist | Types of Clouds


  • Evaporation is ..

Humidity: Relative Humidity & Dew point

Understanding these concepts is important to understand Forms of Condensation and Precipitation which will be discussed in futur..

Fronts | Types of Fronts: Stationary Front, Warm Front, Cold Front & Occluded Front

Understanding Front Formation and Types of Fronts is important to un..

Air Mass | Air masses based on Source Regions

Air Masses

  • When the air remains over a homogenous area for a sufficiently longer time, i..

Major Jet Steams: Subtropical Jet Stream & Polar Jet Stream

  • Both the Northern and Southern hemispheres have jet streams, although the jet streams..