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UPSC prelims 2018 Test Series Paper - 2
                                                                                                    March 11, 2018

1.  The India Peninsula mostly consists of relict and residual mountains like
1.  The Nallamala hills
2.  The Veliconda hills
3.  Palkonda range
(a)  1 and 2  (b)  2 and 3
(c)  1 and 3  (d)  1, 2 and 3

2.  Which of the given statements about Santhals are correct?
1.  "Ol-Chiki" is the script for Santhali language.
2.  Most of the Santhals follow "Sarna" religion but a few of them also follow "Christianity".
(a)  Only 1
(b)  Only 2
(c)  Both 1 and 2
(d)  None of the above

3.  Consider the following statements
1.  Earthquakes are only generated by sliding of rocks along fault line.
2.  The intensity of an earthquake are measured on Richter Scale
3.  All natural earthquakes occurs in lithosphere
Select the incorrect statement/statements
(a)  Only 1
(b)  1 and 2
(c)  All the above
(d)  None of above

4.  Identify the correct statement
(a)  Balochistan is situated at the eastern end of the Iranian plateau.
(b)  Balochistan is located in the North West of Pakistan
(c)  Balochistan is located in the East of Pakistan
(d)  PoK is also called as Balochistan.

5.  Which of the following is/are correct?
1.  Weathering is a precondition for erosion to take place.
2.  Karst topography is characterised by underground drainage system.
3.  Glaciers are more effective as the agents of erosion than wind.
(a)  1 and 2  (b)  2 and 3
(c)  Only 3    (d)  1, 2 and 3

6.   Consider the following statements about the establishment of modern Postal system and introduction of the telegraph and mark the correct one/ones?
1.   It was introduced by William Bentick.
2.   The first telegraph line was opened between Calcutta and Madras.
3.   Lord Dalhousie introduced Postage stamps.
(a)   1 and 2    (b) 2 and 3
(c)   Only 3   (d) None of the above

7. Consider the following statements about land revenue system of British period.
1.   Warren Hastings auctioned the right to collect revenue to the highest bidders.
2.   The permanent settlement was introduced by Lord Cornowalis in 1793 in Bengal and Bihar.
3.   The zamindars and revenue collectors became owners of land through permanent settlement.
4.   Their rights were also made hereditary.
5.   Permanent settlement was planned by John Shore.
Which of the following statements given above are correct?
(a)   1,2,3 and 4    (b)   2,3,4 and 5
(c)   1,3,4 and 5    (d)   All of the above

8.   Consider the following statements about East India Company (EIC) for the period of 1600-1757.
1.   East India Company’s role in India was that of a trading corporation.
2.   It increased the export of India.
3.   It tried to open new market for Indian goods in Britain and other countries.
Which of the following are correct?
(a)   1 and 2   
(b)   2 and 3
(c)   1 and 3    
(d)   All of the above

9.   Consider the following statement regarding battle of Plassey.
1.   Battle of Plassey took place in the year 1757.
2.   Mir Madan and Mohan Lal were the main traitors against Siraj-ud-Daulah.
3.   Siraj-ud-Daulah was killed by Mir Jafar who became nawab after him.
Choose the correct statement/s
(a)   1 and 3   (b)   2 Only
(c)   1 Only   (d)   1, 2 and 3

10.   Consider the following sentences regarding ‘Agricultural Marketing & Farm Friendly Reforms Index’.
1.    It was launched by NITI Aayog.
2.    The areas identified for immediate reforms includes agricultural market reforms, land lease reforms and reforms related to forestry on private land.
3.    Gujarat achieved first rank in this index.
Which of the above sentences are true?
(a)    1 and 2    (b)    1 and 3
(c)    2 and 3   (d)    1, 2 and 3