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(Fre/Exp) "JPMorgan" Hiring: ETL Developer On Jan 2018 @ Hyderabad

Job Designation :
Company:  JP Morgan


Eligibility:   Any Graduate

Experience:  Freshers / Excperience

Location:      Hyderabad

Job Role:      Software Engineer - ETL Developer

Job Description:

1. Participate in aspects of the software development process including, requirements, designing, coding, unit testing, quality assurance, and deployment.

2. Thoroughly research, think through and design software solutions based on a rich background of experience.

3. Work within a collaborative team of software professionals.

4. Ensure adherence to architecture standards, risk management and security policies.

5. Design, analyze, develop, code, test, debug and document in solving business problems for one or more business areas.

6. Recommend, schedule, and perform software maintenance, improvements and upgrades.

7. Assume responsibility for issue resolution for production systems and provide tier 2-3 production support.

Candidate Profile:

Preferred Skills:

1. Demonstrates above average knowledge and working experience with UNIX scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python, Korn, Awk or SED).

2. Demonstrates above average knowledge and working experience with ETL programming within a database WITHOUT the assistance of a Fourth generation toolset such as Ab Initio or Informatica. Usage of Informatica is an added benefit.

3. Demonstrates above average knowledge and working experience with the Oracle database and design of tables (partitioned/composite partitioned and flat), indexes (global/local), stored procedures and packages. Error handling concepts is a must. Debugging and tuning of performance related items above and beyond running a simple explain plan.

4. Demonstrates above average knowledge and working experience with Enterprise scheduling software such as Control-M or AutoSys and leveraging the scheduling system to its utmost potential.

5. Demonstrates above average knowledge and working experience with the UNIX server framework. File systems, permissions, process control, piping, security framework, etc.

6. Demonstrates a high degree of self-driven motivations and pride of authorship/ownership, constant thirst of knowledge by researching new ways of doing things independently and without outside requests to do so.

7. Demonstrates that they plan for failures ahead of time by never assuming that something will run correctly at all times, anticipating for failures and provide for contingencies in design and solutions.

8. Demonstrates experience in writing reusable modules or approaches. Solutions should deliver the requirements of the project but be flexible for expansion or for use with another project.

9. Demonstrates an adherence to a strict discipline of following a repeatable process during the development phase which in turn will lead to zero defects with UAT or Production deployments and results.

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 Posted on 02-01-2018 12:48:03

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