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'ZS ASSOCIATES INDIA' : Operations Delivery Associates @ NCR

Job Designation :

(Freshers) Operations Delivery Associates @ New Delhi (NCR)

Openings for :

# Operations Delivery Associate (Kirori Mal)    
# Operations Delivery Associate (Hansraj)    
# Operations Delivery Associate (Sri Venkateshwara) 

Description :

# As an Operations Delivery Associate your role is to take ownership of operating business processes and systems to create high-quality client deliverables. The role will involve managing sales and marketing operations of clients on an ongoing basis with the following elements:
Responsibilities :

# Operate business processes for clients on a regular basis, which includes synthesizing data, performing quality checks and creating error-free deliverables;
# Use and update clearly defined checklists to ensure all process steps are followed and deliverables conform to specific technical and business requirements;
# Work as a part of a global delivery team, supporting other team members with data requests, analytics and deliverable development;
# Operate business planning and analytics applications. Understand system operating rules, making changes based on client requirements;
# Communicate with internal teams to resolve any issues with system and process inputs/outputs to ensure timely and high-quality delivery;
# Work directly with internal and/or external clients at the client location or from a ZS office to provide operations support for extended periods of time.

Qualifications :

# Bachelor's degree in Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics and Math suggested, but not required;
# Excellent organizational and task management skills;
# Comfort with cyclical tasks;
# Strong work ethic and personal initiative;
# Structured problem solving skills;
# Focus on quality and detail orientation;
# Ability to work across global cross-office teams across different time zones;
# Client service orientation;
# Basic communication skills;
# Comfort with computer technology and software.

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 Posted on 04-11-2017 11:28:03

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