AIPMT 2016 Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Sample Papers & Books

AIPMT 2016 Exam is going to be held on 1st May, 2016

What is the format/exam pattern of AIPMT 2016 and how to prepare for the same? This is the subject matter of this blog post, which aims to provide you the prep materials for AIPMT 2016 Exam - it at first discusses about the pattern of AIPMT and than points you to the sources of sample papers & prep books that you can use to prepare for AIPMT 2016.

AIPMT 2016 Exam Pattern:
AIPMT 2016 exam format is as below:
1. It is going to be a single-stage entrance test (i.e. not two-stages with Prelims and Mains).
2. There would be four papers (Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology) and the number of questions in each of the subject is 45 (thus totalling 180 questions).
3. Each question is worth 4 marks and hence the total marks in AIPMT 2016 would be 720.
4. There is negative marking in AIPMT : minus 1 mark for each wrong answer.
5. Duration of the exam is 3 hours.

Syllabus for AIPMT 2016 Exam:

AIPMT 2015 Exam Pattern
As you can see in the syllabus for AIPMT 2016, questions from both Class-XI & XII is asked. How many questions are going to be asked from which subjects just to have some idea.

As you can see from the table at right, almost 40% questions are asked from Class-XI in Physics & Chemistry with rest 60% from Class-XII. In Biology however, number of questions in  Class-XI & Class-XII is 50:50. So if you think that AIPMT will be based on Class-XII syllabus only, you are wrong.

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