India’s Lakshmi Puri among six diplomats felicitated with Diwali 'Power of One' award at UN
December 14, 2017

Six top diplomats including one Indian were felicitated with the inaugural Diwali ‘Power of One’ award at the UN headquarters in New York for their contribution to help form a more perfect, peaceful and secure world.

The awards were presented on 11 December, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the issuance of a ‘forever Diwali stamp’ by the US Postal Services.

Following is the list of awardees:

1. Matthew Rycroft: The outgoing British Ambassador to the UN
2. Nawaf Salam: The Lebanese Ambassador to the UN. He was also elected to the International Court of Justice in November 2017.
3. Lakshmi Puri: She is the Indian head of the UN Women.
4. Maged Abdelaziz: The former Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN
5. Ion Botnaru: The former Permanent Representative of Moldova to the UN
6. Yuriy Sergeyev: The former Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN

Organisers of the event

• The event was jointly organised by the Permanent Missions of Belarus, Georgia and India.
• It was co-sponsored by around two dozen nations including the US, Britain, France, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Spain, Kuwait and Algeria.
• It was held at the prestigious Trusteeship Council Chambers at the UN headquarters in New York.

Speaking on occasion, Ranju Batra of the Diwali Foundation stated that the inaugural Power of One award was bestowed upon globally exceptional people, who have toiled selflessly to help form a more perfect peaceful and secure world for all of us.

The New York-based Batra is credited with the seven years of effort towards the release of a Diwali stamp by the US Postal Service.
Diwali Foundation USA was established in 2017 as an NGO to promote a peaceful and consensus-based process to achieve societal ‘Good’ as befits the high hopes and ideals of humanity enshrined in the UN Charter.