Mt Hope new tallest mountain in British Antarctic Territory
December 14, 2017

As per new discovery from cartographers surveying Antarctica, Mt Hope is the tallest mountain in the British Antarctic Territory (BAT). Its height is measured at 3,239 meters above sea level.

Earlier, maps showed Mt Jackson with the height 3,184 meters as the tallest mountain in the territory according to researchers at British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

However, new satellite data disclosed that Mt Hope is 55 meters taller than Mt Jackson and 377 meters higher than previously thought.

Why this new discovery?
The latest discovery was made to revise planning maps for pilots operating in Antarctica. 
In the past, measurements from old overland surveys were used for mapping the region and the new high-resolution satellite measurements, precise to within 5-metres, show there are numerous errors in these surveys.

Modern satellite data highlights how incorrect previous surveys and maps were for some parts of the region.

Maps with trustworthy measurements of the highest peaks are a crucial safety requirement for flight planning. Exact altitude data from satellite imagery now allows us to produce these resources for Antarctica, where flying is difficult at the best of times.
Along with discovering Mt Hope as the highest mountain in the territory, the researchers have made several other interesting discoveries. It includes new mountain heights, ranges in new locations by up to 5-kilometres and even some new peaks which had not been surveyed before.

Mt Hope is the highest mountain in the British Antarctic Territory; however, Mt Vinson remains the highest mountain in Antarctica standing at 4,892 meters.