Scientists develop new tool to improve Indian monsoon forecast
October 28, 2017

Researchers from Florida State University developed a tool to objectively define the beginning and end of the Indian summer Monsoon (ISM) on 25 October 2017. They developed a method that uses rainfall rates to note the time period of the entire ISM at any given location.

At present scientists rely on south west part of the country to determine weather forecasting and to monitor protocols, specifically the State of Kerala.

The findings of the research were published in the journal Climate Dynamics. The research is aimed at:

•  Providing a reliable model to define the duration of Indian Summer Monsoon.

•  Give onset and demise dates of ISM at any specific location for any given year.

•  Provide objective information on the onset of rainfall.

How this finding can improve Indian monsoon forecast?

According to researchers, scientists have struggled to produce a reliable model to define the time span of ISM. There’s a lack of reliable parameters and meteorological departments have relied on their own criteria for determining ISM onset which can give contradicting claims. This could a standardised system to monitor ISM evolution.