DD Science and India Science launched
The Minister of Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan launched the initiatives DD Science and India Science to popularise science in India. The initiatives aim to develop the scientific temper in Indian society.

DD Science

DD Science is More..

SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon craft departed from the International Space Station
The SpaceX cargo craft departed from the International Space Station after its successful mission to deliver scientific equipment and other supplies.

The SpaceX-CRS-16 Dragon successfully delivered more than 2,500 kilograms (5,600 More..

Pune to have Traffic Robot on its Roads
The Traffic Police Department of Pune is looking at a futuristic model to maintain traffic flow and spread awareness about the traffic rules.


The traffic police authorities of Pune are planning to introduce a robot named More..

Study shows Albumin as better indicator of Diabetes
A study by the scientists from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune indicates levels of free albumin and albumin attached to glucose molecules in the blood can be a better diagnostic test for diabetes.

Present Procedure

Most tests More..

NIC Command and Control Centre Inaugurated
The Minister for Electronics and IT (MeitY) Ravi Shankar Prasad inaugurated the National Informatics Centre (NIC)’s Command and Control Centre (CCC) and its Centre for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence.


IIT-M recreates Space Fuel
The researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) have recreated space fuel by simulating interstellar conditions in the laboratory. It is a big breakthrough for India in the exploration of cleaner and sustainable alternatives to More..

NASA Discovers New Planet
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of USA has discovered a new planet. It is the third new planet discovered by the NASA mission, Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS).

HD 21749b- New Planet

The salient fea More..

China’s Chang’e 4 probe makes historic touchdown
China’s Chang’e 4 probe spacecraft has become the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon.

Chang’e 4 is a Chinese lunar exploration mission that aims to achieve soft-landing on the far side of the Moon. More..

Chandrayaan-2 mission launch most likely in Feb
Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) will most likely launch Chandrayaan-2, the country’s second mission to the Moon in the month of February.


The features of the Chandrayaan-2 mission are:

106th Session of Indian Science Congress Inaugurated
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi delivered the inaugural address at the 106th session of the Indian Science Congress. The 106th Indian Science Congress is being held at Jalandhar. The theme of the 106th science congress is ‘Future India: Science an More..

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