Maulana Azad Medical Collage, New Delhi
Maulana Azad Medical Collage, New Delhi
Admission: 011-23239271
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Course MBBS
Establishment 1959
Management Yes
Afilated to University of Delhi
The Maulana Azad Medical College is situated in the capital city of Delhi. It straddles the historic old city of Delhi on one side and the more modern Lutyen's Delhi on the other. The sprawling campus includes the college and three of its major associated hospitals namely Lok Nayak Hospital and GB Pant Hospital and the Guru Nanak Eye Centre. 
This institution is named after the great patriot and educationist, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad and has been in existence since 1959.The primary aim of this institution is to produce competent basic doctors, specialists, and super specialists. It has endeavored to promote all facilities conducive to learning and furtherance of knowledge by:
Contribution towards national health care delivery system by providing efficient and expert medical services through the associated hospitals. 
Establishing routine and specialized laboratories of excellence and other investigative facilities. 
Pursuance of objectives of medical education by improving the course contents, continuing education and strengthening of research activities. 
Extending medical support to the local authorities for health care programmes. 
Extending health care facilities to above 30,000 rural population of Delhi through its organized centers in the community.
The institution offers MBBS and BDS courses at the undergraduate level. It admits 200 students for the MBBS and 40 students for the BDS course annually.
MBBS:  5½ years (including 1 year of internship)
BDS :  5 years (including 1 year of internship)

The institution offers postgraduate degrees and diplomas in a variety of medical specialties. A total of 67 seats are available for MD, 25 for MS, and 25 for post graduate diploma courses.

The details of courses offered are: M.D.
Anaesthesia (6)
Biochemistry including M. Sc. (2) 
Dermatology including Venerology (3)
Forensic Medicine (2)
Medicine (13)
Microbiology (4)
Obstt.and Gynaecology (8)
Pathology (4)
Paediatrics (10)
Pharmacology (2)
Physiology (2)
Community Medicine (2)
Psychiatry (2)
Radiodiagnosis (3)
Radio-Therapy (2)

Anatomy (3)
E.N.T. (3)
Orthopaedics (4)
Ophthalmology (7)
Surgery (8) 
Post Graduate Diploma Courses

D.A. (8)
D. C.H. (5)
D.M.R.D. (2)
D.O. (4)
D.L.O. (1)
D.V.D. (1)

MD/MS Courses : 3 years
Diploma Courses : 2 years
The institution offers post doctoral courses in 7 super-specialties and admits 24 students each year to these specialties.

D.M. (Cardiology)(5)
D.M. (Neurology)(4)
M. Ch.Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgery (4)
D.M. Gastroenterology (3)
M. Ch. Neuro -Surgery (4)
M.Ch. Gastrointestinal Surgery (2)
M. Ch. : Paediatrics Surgery (2)

Postdoctoral Courses : 3 years

Library :

The College has one of the finest libraries with an impressive collection of literature, The library is centrally air-conditioned and recently renovated It has spacious reading rooms for students where they can study up till late hours. It has a large number of books and journals and modern self-learning facility through audio-visual aids to keep the readers abreast of latest medical developments all over the world. The library has also acquired 60 computers out of which 55 are connected to Internet. This has served as unique educational support for postgraduate students as well as teachers.

Student Counselling :

The students’ counseling service has been involved in a large number of activities involving the welfare of students of this Institution. Although the activities are largely directed towards academic betterment of the students’ population as a whole along with encouragement to develop their creative talents and interests in the field of art and sports, the counseling service has also endeavoured to single out-students with individual problems and offer the necessary advice and aid. 

The students are encouraged to associate themselves with various philanthropic organizations for providing medical relief to the poor. The students belonging to economically weaker section of society are supported by reimbursing their college and hostel fees from the students’ aid fund. 

Special attention has been paid to the welfare of foreign students who are admitted to this college with different cultural background. The students counseling service has made provision for students’ health care. A budget for the above activities has been provided for this purpose. Dr J M Kaul is Staff Advisor & Dr Krishna Prakash is Students Counselor

Book Bank :

In addition to the books available in the main College Library, each department has a Book Bank from which books are issued to the needy and deserving undergraduate students at a nominal subscription of Rs. 3/- per book per annum, as per rules in force.

Teaching Facilities :

The Lecture Theatres and auditorium are well equipped with public address system having microphones and facilities to record the lectures and discussions. The facilities like epidiascopes, slide projectors, overhead projectors and film projectors are also available. All Lecture Theatres are air-conditioned.

Address Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi 110002
Phone 011-23239271