Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
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Course PGPM
Establishment 1961
Management Yes
Afilated to Indian Institute of Management

IIMA has evolved from being India's premiermanagement institute to a notable international school of management in justfour decades.
It all started with Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and afew spirited industrialists realising that agriculture, education, health,transportation, population control, energy and public administration were vitalelements in a growing society, and that it was necessary to efficiently managethese industries.

"The result was the creation of the Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad in 1961 as an autonomous body with the active collaboration of theGovernment of India, Government of Gujarat and the industrial sectors." Itwas evident that to have a vision was not enough. Effective governance andquality education were seen as critical aspects.

From the very start the founders introduced the concept of facultygovernance: all members of the faculty play an important role in administeringthe diverse academic and non-academic activities of the Institute. Theempowerment of the faculty has been the propelling force behind the highquality of learning experience at IIMA. The Institutehad initial collaboration with Harvard Business School. This collaborationgreatly influenced the Institute's approach to education. Gradually, it emergedas a confluence of the best of Eastern and Western values.

1. The Institute offers PGPM(Post Graduate programme in Management).

2. The Institute offers PGP infollowing Second Year Post-Graduate Programme  in Agri-BusinessManagement Programme in Agribusiness and Carbon Finance, Analyzing and BuildingCompetencies, Agricultural Development, Agricultural Finance/Banking, AgriculturalFutures and Options Markets, Agro-industries, Agro Processing, Biotechnology,Business Forecasting, Commodity Trading, CINE: Understanding Creativity,Innovation, Knowledge, Network and Entrepreneurship, Digital Inclusion forDevelopment, Econometrics for Agri-Business, Food Processing, Forest-basedIndustries, Globalizing and Resurgent India through Innovative Transformation, InternationalAgriculture and Trade Policy, International Marketing, Logistics and Infrastructure  Management in Agriculture, Marketing ofAgricultural Inputs, Management and Finance of Agro-Food Projects, MarketResearch for Agri-Business, Micro-finance Management, Managerial Communicationfor Agribusiness, Management of Contract Farming, Management of Technology forSustainable Agriculture, Output Marketing, Export-Import Markets, Franchisingin Agribusiness (FAB), Private-Public-Community Partnership for InclusiveAgribusiness, Risk Management and Derivatives, Rural Advertising, RuralDevelopment , Rural Environment and Institutions, Rural Infrastructure, RuralMarketing, Strategic Food Agro Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management forAgriculture, Strategic Management of Intellectural Property Rights, SupplyChain Management & Theory and Practice of Business  Negotiation.

3. PGPX is an MBA level 1 yearfull time residential programme for executives with substantial work experienceleading to a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives.

Library:The Vikram Sarabhai Library is an invaluable resource for students, researchersand faculties of business and management. The library has over the years builta robust collection of over 1,77,306 books, 42,004 bound volumes, currentsubscription to journals (print - 226 & online - 945), 30 news-papers, 2257working papers, and many other resources like 265 thesis, 1745 student'sproject reports, 2085 CDs and 132 videos. The library, spread over 20,120 sq.ft., also provides access to the best of business and management relateddigital resources through its subscription to various databases consisting ofscholarly and industry relevant content. The library has set up 3i (InformationInfrastructure for Institution) network to provide business, industry,environment, agricultural and economic information to the users.

Classrooms: There are six classrooms and five seminar rooms in theteaching wing. This is in addition to the seminar and conference rooms in thefaculty wings. To facilitate case discussions, each classroom is anamphitheater. There are sixty-five revolving seats, with each seat having thenametag of the student. All classrooms have network connectivity to facilitatepresentations. The new campus will add 5 more classrooms, 12 seminar rooms andan auditorium.

Dormitories: As an alumni pointed out, ‘the dorm is like the Gaulishvillage in Astreix books which opens with a free for all but always ends withmerrymaking. You always came back to the dorm where a part of you belonged anda part of which belonged to you’. There are 25 student dormitories with a totalcapacity to hold about 740 occupants. Apart from the dormitories there areseparate housing facilities available for married candidates. The dorms haveten single rooms on each floor arranged around a stairway and a tearoom.

Sports Complex: Facilities for indoor/ outdoor games andrecreation activities are available. Games such as Soccer, Cricket, Badminton,Lawn Tennis, Table tennis, Basketball, Volleyball and Hockey are very popularamong the student community. Fitness conscious students can work out in thegymnasium or go for a jog around the scenic campus. For those who prefer tostay indoors, there is Chess, Carom or Bridge. During COMBOS - the Institute'sintramural cultural fete - IIMA is a divided house where the dorms are splitinto three groups, and pitted against each other in literary, cultural andsports competitions.

Fitness Centre: IIMA has a Fitness Centre located at Class roomno. 324 on the Old Campus covering an area of 1740 square feet. The fitnesscentre has equipment for various stretching, floor and body-building exercises- tread mills, recumbent cycle, elliptical cycle, multigym, dumbells &plates, weights, shoulder press, leg-pull , swift bike, leg extension, inclineshoulder, cross trainers, double twisters, etc. On an average 135 members takebenefit of the fitness centre every month including staff, faculty and studentsunder the guidance of able fitness trainer Mr. Kamlesh Parmar who has anexperience of over 10 years in the field. The centre is open from 5:00 pm to10:00 pm with special batches for Ladies running from 10:00 am to 12:00 noonand 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm). IIMA is planning to double the facilities and add moreequipments to the fitness centre.

InformationTechnology Infrastructure: The world-classinfrastructure created on the Institute’s hundred-acre campus provides anambience conducive to stimulating learning. The architecture, the classrooms,the library, the computing facilities, research centres, all blend to provide aholistic learning environment. A state-of-the-art computer network with morethan 2000 nodes connects all the members of the Institute community with eachother. This network has fibre optics backbone with one or more fibre segmentsreaching every building on the campus
Address Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380015, Gujarat
Phone 9 - 66324631,26306896