Gargi College
Gargi College
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Course M.A., M.Sc., B.Sc.
Establishment 1967
Management Yes
Afilated to University of Delhi
Gargi College was established in the year 1967 and is a leading South Campus college of the University of Delhi. It is a college for women and offers education in Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Science and Education.

Gargi College was named after an enlightened woman named Gargi, figuring in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishada of the Vedic Age. She emerges as an intelligent and bold person embodying the spirit of inquiry juxtaposed with faith as is shown by her penetrating and challenging questions to the great sage Yajnavalkya. In the Upanishad Gargi seems to represent the intellectual potential of the race of Homo sapiens, which continues to manifest itself , in quest of ever-widening fields of knowledge.

Gargi believes in its mission statement that every student who passes through the portals of the college emerges as a wholly developed individual symbolizing the spirit of enterprise and inquiry that characterizes Gargi.

Gargi College, one of the two colleges in Delhi to have been awarded the prestigious College with a Potential for Excellence grant, by the University Grants Commission in the year 2004-2005, was chosen because of its holistic approach towards teaching and its excellent track record in academic and other aspects of college functioning. Nine departments namely Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Zoology and the Women’s Development Centre are currently engaged in innovation and experimentation in the undergraduate programme, using modern methods of learning and evaluation. This award is in recognition of the endeavour of the college to engage in advanced research and socially purposeful projects over and above the regular college events.
1. Under Graduate Courses
Physics Department
Chemistry Department
Botany Department
Microbiology Department
English Department
Hindi department
Political Science
Physical Education

2. Post Graduate Courses
MA in Political Science & English
M.Sc. in chemistry
Gargi has a fully computerised library. To help students reach the pinnacle of excellence in their particular field of study, we have a wide array of books in the library to help you choose from.The number of volumes in the main collection of the library is 60,469. A number of national and international journals and magazines are also subscribed to for reference. One can also indulge oneself with a wonderful section on good fiction. Books on general knowledge are in abundance in the library. A spacious and comfortable reference section with an ample seating arrangement is the joy of a student who would like to study, refer to, read or just flip through the cornucopia of literature. The library staff will be the guide and counsellor for all queries regarding books and the library facilities.

The Botany, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics. Psychology and Zoology laboratories are all very wellequipped and spacious. Working in any one of these laboratories is an enjoyable experience. There are Botany and Physics research laboratories too where research is being done by the faculty members.

Centralised Computer Laboratory:
With the introduction of a number of revised and restructured courses, computers have become an integral part of the undergraduate college curriculum. The Central Computer Laboratory in college will provide you with an opportunity for hands-on training and enhancing your computer skills. The lab will also be available for career-intensive education after regular class hours.

Medical Room:
Medical facility is available to students during college hours. There is a Medical Room where a trained nurse is available for help or assistance to the students. Besides providing basic first aid, students can also get their health check-up done. Regular medical and dental check-ups are conducted in college by trained medical professionals.

A large and extensive playground with facilities for playing Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics is provided for all sports-inclined students. Also available is excellent equipment for the same. Facility for indoor games is also provided in the recreation room.

Placement Cell:
An active placement cell in college enables the students to avail of career counselling sessions, information on avenues of higher/specialised education and campus interviews and placement. Schools recruit teachers from the B.EI.Ed. final year students and every year MNCs, Banks, Insurance companies, Event Management companies etc. approach Gargi College on the lookout for bright and talented employees.

Sprawling lawns with trees full of foliage, flowering plants and lush green grass are a speciality of Gargi. The cool shade of the trees provide relief in the summer months. Sometimes you can even see activities or classes taking place under the trees. You are welcome to fully utilise the above or for sitting, practising for an activity or for studying, but littering is strictly forbidden.

Gargi Café:
This is where the action is. Lots of yummy food, at reasonable prices too. You will find that Gargi Café is a place where students from all streams meet and interact over steaming cups of tea/coffee. You'll find that even teachers seem much more accessible in the café. Cold drinks, fruit juice, tangy gol gappas, spicy chaat, crispy spring-rolls, pastries and cakes to pander to your sweet tooth besides the normal fare of burgers, patties, samosas and breadpakoras are among the various food items on offer. You will be pleased to find that the canteen proprietress is a warm and efficient person to interact with.

Students' Union Room:
The Students' Council of Gargi College is a step towards instilling the values of democracy among students. The General Body elects a new council each year which is for the students, by the students, of the students. The Students' Union Room is the 'Head Quarters' from where the decisions made by the collective students' body are executed–from weekly cultural events to departmental fests and the gala event Reverie. The Students' Union Room is not just a space for a selected few, rather its an open platform for all students to express their views and ideas.

Located near the canteen, the students' own common room, Retreat is a place where you can unwind, gossip with your friends and interact with your seniors. It helps you learn the ropes of college life and get familiar with the campus, which will be your second home for the next three years. Your own space in college……Retreat will always have its doors open for you.
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Phone +91-11-26494544