Marketing Quiz for SBI PO | SBI Clerk – Set 24

March 25, 2016

1. A _________ is a set of individual products that are closely related?  
a)   Product assortment
b)   Product line
c)   Consumer product
d)   Business product

Answer b)   Product line

2.  _______ are used in analyzing a person’s day-to-day pattern of living, and are often expressed in a person’s activities, interests and opinions? 
a)   Psychographics
b)   Lifestyle analysis
c)   Both of the above
d)   None of the above

Answer c)   Both of the above

3. A buyer-seller relationship that involves agreement to a contract that allows for changes in the purchase arrangements is called? 
a)   Flexible contract buying
b)   Modified contract buying
c)   Negotiated contract buying
b)   Variable contract buying

Answer c)   Negotiated contract buying

4. Which of the following is NOT a selective process used in gathering and interpreting information from the world around us? 
a)   Selective exposure
b)   Selective perception
c)   Selective retention
d)   Selective bias

Answer d)   Selective bias

5. Awareness and interest, interest and evaluation, evaluation maybe trial, decision, and confirmation describe the steps of the?
a)   Problem-solving process
b)   Adoption process
c)   Learning process
d)   Adaptation process

Answer b)   Adoption process

6. The whole set of beliefs, attitudes, and ways of doing things of a reasonably homogeneous set of people is? 
a)   Culture
b)   Reference group
c)   Social class
d)   Society

Answer a)   Culture   

7. In addition to businesses, the marketing concept is also applicable to? 
a)   Government agencies
b)   Religious groups
c)   Fine arts organizations
d)   All of the above

Answer d)   All of the above

8. A ____________ is a strong stimulus that encourages action to reduce or satisfy a need?
a)   Want
b)   Desire
c)   Drive
d)   Motivation

Answer C)   Drive

9. Which of the following are key dimensions that help characterize most buyer-seller relationships?   
a)   Cooperation
b)   Operational linkages
c)   Relationship-specific adaptations
d)   All of the above

Answer d)   All of the above

10. Applying the scientific method, what is the first step of the marketing research process?     
a)   Analyze the situation
b)   Define the problem
c)   Gather problem-specific data
d)   Interpret the data

Answer b)   Define the problem

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