Marketing Quiz for SBI PO | SBI Clerk – Set 22

March 25, 2016

1. A buyer-seller relationship based on the idea of trading sales for sales is known as?     
a)   Competitive biding
b)   Reciprocity
c)   Collaboration
d)   B2B sales

Answer b) Reciprocity

2. The percentage of people contacted who complete a questionnaire is known as the?   
a)   Sample population
b)   Confidence interval
c)   Response rate
d)   Sample reliability

Answer c)   Response rate

3. A group of consumers who provide information on a continuing basis is a(n)? 
a)   Focus group
b)   Consumer panel
c)   Sample population
d)   Target market

Answer b)   Consumer panel

4. A product may consist of a ? 
a)   Good
b)   Service
c)   Both of the above
d)   None of the above

Answer c)   Both of the above

5. Which of the following statements is NOT true about services? 
a)   They are experienced, used or consumed
b)   They are often sold first, then consumed
c)   They are perishable
d)   They are tangible

Answer d)   They are tangible

6. The lives of different products vary, but in general, product life cycles are? 
a)   Getting longer
b)   Getting shorter
c)   Not changing
d)   Unknown

Answer b)   Getting shorter   

7. Corporate channel systems may develop by___ acquiring firms at different levels of channel activity?
a)   Vertical integration
b)   Horizontal integration
c)   Complex integration
d)   Diffuse integration

Answer a)   Vertical integration

8. In general, most European countries are ______ their transporting regulations?
a)   Increasing
b)   Reducing
c)   Deleting
d)   Not changing

Answer b)   Reducing

9. _______ is the marketing function that provides time and place utilities, at a cost?   
a)   Transporting
b)   Distribution
c)   Product development
d)   Shipping

Answer a)   Transporting

10.A message comes not only from a source, but also through some?
a)   Message media
b)   Communication channel
c)   Message channel
d)   None of the above

Answer c)   Message channel 

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