Marketing Quiz for SBI PO | SBI Clerk – Set 21

March 25, 2016

1. The controllable variables a company puts together to satisfy a target group is called the? 
a)   Marketing strategy
b)   Marketing mix
c)   Strategic planning
d)   Marketing concept

Answer b)   Marketing mix

2. A useful aid that identifies and lists a firm’s strengths and weaknesses and its opportunities and threats is called a?   
a)   S.W.O.T. analysis
b)   Market penetration analysis
c)   Diversification analysis
d)   Breakthrough opportunity analysis

Answer a)   S.W.O.T. analysis

3. If cost considerations encourage more aggregating to obtain economies of scale, and demand considerations suggest less aggregating to satisfy needs more exactly, the balancing point is? 
a)   Customer satisfaction
b)   Profit
c)   Supply
d)   Gross sales

Answer b)   Profit

4. The saying “Let the _____________ beware” is appropriate in today’s business environment?  
a)   Buyer
b)   Seller
c)   Manager
d)   All of the above

Answer c)   Manager   

4. Attitudes and beliefs sometimes combine to form a(n) _____ an outcome or event that a person anticipates or looks forward to?
a)   Accomplishment
b)   Expectation
c)   Want
d)   Consequence

Answer b)   Expectation

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the simple approaches for measuring social class groupings?     
a)   Education
b)   Occupation
c)   Ethnic background
d)   Type and location of housing

Answer c)   Ethnic background

6. The steps people go through on their way to reaching a decision about a new idea is called the?   
a)   Learning process
b)   Adoption process
c)   Rejection process
d)   Acceptance process

Answer b)   Adoption process

7. Different kinds of organizational customers are sometimes called?
a)   Business buyers
b)   Intermediate buyers
c)   Industrial buyers
d)   All of the above

Answer d)   All of the above

8. Organizational buyers often buy on the basis of a set of ______ written (or electronic) descriptions of what the firm wants to buy?   
a)   Purchasing requirements
b)   Purchasing specifications
c)   Requests for proposal (RFP)
d)   Purchasing criteria

Answer b)   Purchasing specifications

9. Which of the following is NOT one of the three buying processes?   
a)   New task buying process
b)   Modified rebuy process
c)   Straight rebuy process
d)   Unchanged rebuy process

Answer d)   Unchanged rebuy process

10.When organizational buyers are collecting information from trade associations, rating services, or news publications, they are using? 
a)   Personal marketing sources
b)   Personal non-marketing sources
c)   Impersonal marketing sources
d)   Impersonal non-marketing sources

Answer d)   Impersonal non-marketing sources

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