Marketing Quiz for SBI PO | SBI Clerk – Set 19

March 25, 2016

1. Simplicity in a sales compensation plan is best achieved with ?
a) Hourly wage
b) Combination salary and commission
c) Straight commission
d) Straight salary

Answer d) Straight salary

2. Business people who fail to anticipate the coming public backlash on the issue of passing on the costs of pollution, put their careers and businesses at risk?
a) True
b) False

Answer b) False

3. ____ means displaying an ad only to an individual who meets certain qualifications?
a) Context advertising
b) Type-casting
c) Point-casting
d) Reminder advertising

Answer c) Point-casting

4. A ____ objective may be adopted when a manager is satisfied with their current market share and profits?
a) Sales-oriented
b) Status-quo
c) Target-return
d) Profit-maximization

Answer b) Status-quo 

5. The ___________ is the amount that is left, after subtracting the cost of sales from net sales, to cover the expenses of selling products and operating the business?
a) Markup
b) Net margin
c) Gross margin
d) Profit

Answer c) Gross margin

6. Any evaluation of macro-marketing effectiveness is largely?
a) Objective
b) Subjective
c) Guess-work
d) None of the above

Answer b) Subjective

7. Marketing’s job is satisfied if they satisfy consumer wants as they exist at any particular point in time?
a) True
b) False

Answer b) False

8. In the United States, the basic objective of our market-directed economic system has been to satisfy customer needs as the _______ sees them?
a) Firm
b) Marketing manager
c) Customer
d) Target market

Answer c) Customer

9. A _______ analysis focuses on the changes in total revenue and total cost from selling one more unit to find the most profitable price and quantity?
a) Net profit
b) Excess profit
c) Marginal
d) Gross margin

Answer c) Marginal

10.___ means offering a specific price for each possible job rather than setting a price that applies for all customers?
a) Bid pricing
b) Product-bundle pricing
c) Demand pricing
d) Projected pricing

Answer a) Bid pricing

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