BOB Manipal GD & PI Experience 5

September 19, 2014

GD Topics across various centers in India from 8-Sept-2014 till 10-Sept-2014 evening:
1. Is Marketing essential in Banking?
2. Ways & Means to develop Rural India.
3. Hard Work - Smart Work - Network
4. Can Corruption be eradicated by means of Hunger Strikes?
5. Indians perform better as an individual or in a Team.
6. Is Online Shopping better than Brick & Mortar (Sand) stores?
7. India is in Economic or Moral crisis.
8. RTI Topic.
9. Is CSR publically mimicked by Corporates?
10. Corruption rooting out approach.
11. Smart phones are largely a FAD (style statement) & not of utility.
12. River Ganga: Pure or Impure?
13. Leadership Challenges in Banking Industry.
14. Value based Politics is need of the hour?
15. India will be the SuperSonic Power in next generation.
16. Women make better leaders than Men?
17. Inflation is inevitable in our country.
18. Are TV channels fooling people on the name of Entertainment?
19. Team Work.
20. Agriculture in Indian Economy.
21. Is China a threat to India?
22.Reservation required for Women Empowerment

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