BOB Manipal GD & PI Experience 3

September 19, 2014

My GD was started at 10:05 AM after thedocs verification.

There were 13 candidates in my group. Thetopic was "ARE TV CHANNELS FOOLING US BY MEANS OF TV SHOWS?"


We were given 2 minutes to think and jot itdown on paper. Then each candidate was given 2 minutes to speak individually(Extempore) Then an open discussion was held for 10 minutes. Only 5 of us weretalking. Rest of them were sitting quietly. Don't be that person. Speak, but donot fight. Be gentle and also listen very carefully to others and reply to themin a polite manner.


Then my interview was taken at 10:50 AM.There were 5 panelistleft to right lady- Lady - L1, Male1- M1, Male2(head)-M2,Male3-M3 and Male4 - M4

First of all, the head panelist startedasking question -

M2 - You are from WB, so how come you arein UP?

Me - I told them about my fathers job andhis transfer before my birth.


M2 - Why didn't you join sports like yourfather?

Me - Because I mentioned in the last answerthat he was a sports person, so they asked me this.


M3 - What was your previous job?

Me - I was working in BEL on contractbasis.


M2 - Why did u left it - even that was aPSU job?

Me - As it was on contract basis, so lesssalary and no job guarantee.


M1- What was your role in that job?

Me - Project management and execution.


M2 - How many total enrollments done inAADHAR?

Me - They asked this because I was in thisproject under BEL.


M3- What is disinvestment?

Me - Couldn't clarify completely, so pickedup that days news on coal allocation disinvestment by CIL, NTPC, ONGC and theamount of disinvestment, and told them that I couldn't understand the real factof disinvestment.


M1 - Which company recently bought sharesin banks?

Me - Can't recall. They said LIC


L1 - What is retail banking?

Me - Told them


L1 - MSME?

Me - Told them


M1- What is cardless cash transactionsystem?

Me - Told them about ICICI bank news andalso BOI news few months back.


M3- Explain the transaction procedure.

Me- By pin system - 6 digit and 4 digit.


M2 - Name 3 previous presidents of India...notincluding the current one.

Me - I was so stupid at this time thatafter naming APJ and Pratibha Patil, I took CV raman instead of SarvapalliRadhakrishnan. They smiled at me. Then they asked me to think again.


All the questions were asked too fast, so Icouldn't remember. All what I was thinking that how could I name CV ramanhere....he he...chillax...if this happens to u.


M3- Why you opted for B.Tech instead ofB.Com?

Me- Tried my best to explain.


M2- Why is B.Tech better than other traits?

Me- Started bragging about field trainingsand all.


M2- Hows your graduation helpful inbanking?

Me- Analytical power and all stupid things,then again started talking about field training and many subjects to mug up.


M2- What is TEV? Something in technology.

Never heard of it. Completely denied forthis question.


M2 said you are a B.Tech, you must beknowing it. I said no sir, sorry I can not remember.


Then they said thank you, u may leave now.Best of luck.


So that was my total interview experience.I am still forgetting 2 questions which were from current news. It was a rapidfire interview. All these questions were asked and answered in 10 minutesonly.I was out in 11th minute. The girl waiting for her turn after me , evenasked me didn't they asked you any question? I was surprised and also happy atthat time that I didn't took the pressure of fast questions.


So friends, I would only suggest you not tomug up all the answers and try to be genuine if you dont recall or know theanswer. They are just checking your patience, communication and a lil pressuretesting.


So go on and take your interview as u'll be more confident!!

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