Banking Awareness MCQ Set-2

June 13, 2014

26.Loans to software industry up to a limit of Rs._______ are classified as priority sector advances.

a)  50 lacs  

b) 100 lacs  

c) 1000 lacs  

d)  500 lacs

27.The Demutualisation Ordinance amending the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 deals with :

a) operations of foreign mutual funds in India

b) rules and regulations for issue of different securities in the capital market

c) compulsory corporatisation of stock exchanges to bring about transparency and efficiency in their operations

d) process of converting paper based securities into electronic form


28.The WTO Agreements cover global trade in :

a) goods  

b) services  

c)  intellectual property  

d)  a, b & c 


29.Which committee had recommended the amalgamation of RRBs promoted by sponsor banks?

a) Mitra  b)  Narasimhan  c) Rakesh Mohan  d)  Malhotra

30. India has entered into Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreeement  with which of the following countries  recently:

a)  Singapore  b)  USA  c)  Australia  d)  None of these

31.Bharat Nirman is a four-year business plan  embarked  by the Government of India for providing rural infrastructure in the areas of :

a)  irrigation & water supply  b) electrification  c) housing  d) telecommunication & connectivity e) all the above


32.NIXI stands for :

a) National & International Exchange of India

b) National Internet Exchange of India

c) Notional Inter Exchange interest

d) None of the above


33.South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) covers _____________ countries.

a) the seven countries who are members of SAARC

b) all countries in South East Asia

c) All countries in South and South-East Asia, and Australia and New Zealand

d) Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives


34.MCA21 is :

a) e-governance project of the Ministry of Company Affairs

b) will enable companies to file their returns online with the Registrar of Companies

c) launched as a pilot in Coimbatore, with plans to extend to Delhi shortly

d) all the above


35.The name of Microsoft Corporation India’s IT initiative for setting up IT kiosks in rural areas is named :

a)  Aadhar  b) Saksham  c)  Swadhan  d) Shakthi


36.The new chairman of the US Federal Reserve is :

a) Alan Greenspan  b)  Gordon Brounes  c) Ben Bernanke  d) George Bush


37.Which credit card company has tied up the Railways to issue a credit cum loyalty card?

a)  ICICI Cards  b) SBI Cards  c)  ABN Amro Cards  d)  Citibank


38.Financial Network Services, the Australian banking software firm, has recently been acquired by :

a) Wipro  b) TCS  c) Infosys  d)  HCL


39.SBI has applied to open branches in Pakistan, as per the recent agreement between India and Pakistan, at  :

a) Lahore and Karachi    b)  Islamabad and Karachi

c) Rawalpindi and Sindh  d)  Lahore and Islamabad


40.The risk weightage on banks’ exposure to capital market exposures is :

a)  100 %   b)  125%  c)  150%  d)  200%


41.Export Oriented Units can retain _____% of their export earnings in foreign currency.

a) 50  b)  100  c)  80  d)  66.67 


42.Foreign investment in private banks, (in aggregate including FDI, FII, NRI, etc.) in India is permitted up to ____%

a)  99  b)  74  c)  49  d)  24


43.The minimum shareholding of RBI in SBI should be ___% as per SBI Act.

a)  50  b)  59  c)  51  d)   55


44.RBI pays interest on CRR balances of banks at _____.

a)  Bank Rate  b)  Repo Rate  c)  Bank Rate minus 2%  d)  Zero %


45.The three pillars of the Basel II framework are :

a) Minimum capital requirements  b)  Asset – Liability Management 

c)  Market discipline  d )  a, c 


46.The Code of Bank’s Commitment has been issued by  :

a)  RBI  b)  SBI  c)  IBA  d)  BCSBI


47For declaring dividend, banks should have a CRAR of at least ____% for the preceding 2 years, and net NPA of less than _____%.

a)  11, 3  b)  9,  7  c)  10,  5  d)  9,  5


48.After ________, foreign banks operating in India will be freed of RBI imposed restrictions on their operations and treated on par with Indian banks.

a) April, 2008  b)  April, 2009  c)  April, 2010  d)  April, 2015


49.Under Section 19(1) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, para- banking activities refer to : 

a) leasing  b)  hire purchase finance  c)  factoring  d)  credit card operations  e)  all the above  f) only a, b & c


50.The percentage of profit that a bank is required to transfer to its reserve fund as per Banking Regulation Act is ______%.


a)  25  b)  20  c)  30  d)  50

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